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In the unforgiving environment of the African savanna, the
attributes of great speed and endurance are certainly of
more value to the rather unfortunate-looking tsessebe
than any of the aesthetic qualities other antelope species
may enjoy. …click to read more

It is evident from their legacy of rock art that the docile
eland held a special place in the culture of the
indigenous San people (Bushmen). The eland is the
largest of the African antelope, and when walking, the
adults produce a characteristic clicking noise from their
knees which can be heard over a considerable distance…….click to read more


Being extremely sensitive to changes in their habitat, the
roan is now rare throughout most of its distributional
range. They are apparently reluctant to share water holes
with other game. …click to read more

The majestic sable is one of only a few antelope species
that effectively use their horns against predators and they
have been known to drive off leopard and deter even lions
and spotted hyaenas. …click to read more

Common Duiker
The name duiker means ‘diver’ and describes the
characteristic behaviour of this small antelope as it glides
through the bush when fleeing from unwanted attention.
Active predominantly during the night, the common
duiker eats a wide range of foods, including nesting
birds, lizards and even small mammals. …click to read more

As with all small antelope, the steenbok is almost
always found singly or in pairs. This non-herding strategy
has developed firstly to minimise competition in order to
meet the high energy requirements of small mammals,
and secondly as a means to avoid detection by
predators. …click to read more

As their name suggests, waterbuck are always found in
close association with water and will even readily take to
crocodile-infested pools and rivers to avoid predators.
They are the first herbivores to suffer during periods of
prolonged drought. …click to read more

The seldom seen bushbuck is something of an enigma.
Although normally shy and elusive, the males are known
to be exceptionally aggressive and there is at least one
case of a bushbuck ram fatally goring a human. They
have a ventriloquel call which confuses predators as to
their whereabouts. …click to read more


The beauty of this graceful antelope is frequently
overlooked as a result of its abundance, and despite
often being referred to as ‘the hamburger of the bush’, the
impala is a creature full of surprises. …click to read more

The long elegant eyelashes, the disproportionally large
pink ears and the spectacular spiralling horns of the male
make the kudu one of Africa’s great showpieces.
Famous for their fence-jumping abilities, they have been
known to clear heights of 3.5m under stress. …click to read more

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